Music videos- quick lesson ‘hooks’

6 Nov

Number Videos

My all time favourite, the story of zero the place holder!

Root 3 is a surd, includes rationalising the denominator

Good talking point around the mistakes made by Ma and Pa Kettle.

Shape and Space Videos

Great introduction to KS3 Angles

Introducing polygons


Finding the equation of a line


Song to remember mean, median, mode and range.

Just for fun

Chris Moyles Quiz

One Direction sing a maths sum to their latest song.

Keane’s Numerical Problem

The Automatic with Maths Issues

More maths questions taken from The Chris Moyles Quiz Night can be found on Matt Gillbe’s website which has been updated woohoo here As well as this link given in the TES forum

If you enjoyed this post, or have any videos to recommend please leave your comments. Get in touch @numberloving

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    […] may have read my recent blog, “Music videos – quick lesson hooks” of videos readily available on Youtube, that can help pupils learning and add the fun […]


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