Cooperative Learning- Tools and Resources

Having been fortunate to have received Kagan; Cooperative Learning training during my NQT year in my first school along with the whole of the mathematics department and the numeracy representatives from each of the feeder primary schools. Of course Kagan is a business and there are other cooperative learning authors, Kagan is just the one I was trained in. I was then asked to deliver inset to mathematics teachers in my second school. KaganPPt This is the Power Point I used to introduce the staff to the strategies (basic from my earlier days but still useful for starting up). Kagan Presentation Here is a more thorough but dense presentation (I can not remember where I got this from).


Quiz Quiz Trade;

This strategy I found the easiest to start with and have developed some resources to support this. Also if you search quiz quiz trade on the TES you will find many more.

Download Ratio Quiz quiz trade  or rounding/significant figures.

Fan and Pick Resources;

Fan and pick is a team game for 3-4 pupils. One person “fans” one “picks” and they have to answer that question. Using our new differentiated Fan & Picks means there is a question available at three different levels of difficulty. Check them out in our TES store, check them out here.

For a non-differentiated version try these kindly donated by my colleague Ms Weston, @emmaemma53 FanPick template FanPick Percentages1 FanPick ratio1 FanPick number1 FanPick decimals to fractions 1 FanPick angles FanPick indices1 FanPick fraction1 FanPick trig EW

Rally Robin (Like Mallets mallet…for those of us that remember)

Polygon Rally Robin

Numbered Heads Together

numbered heads 1

This Kagan mediator file (shared using google docs, hope this link works?) includes a brief description of each Kagan strategy complete with timers and selector tools. It does take a while to find your way around this mediator, so here is a separate timer application and a separate selector tool application which are very useful teaching tools. I particular like the selector for use even when not using a Kagan strategy and need to choose a representative from each group to feedback.

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