Valentine’s Day, send Mobius Hearts our Way!

4 Feb

Valentine’s Day, not everyone’s favourite day, we show our numbers love and respect everyday of the year. However we will celebrate and share the number love with our students in class this week too.

Mobius Hearts

Great way to introduce topology and the idea of mobius strips to pupils, finishing the lesson of with these fantastic mobius hearts. The 360blog here gives a step by step guide to making your mobius hearts. Take a good look round 360’s blog and don’t miss the pop-up Sierpinksi Valentine’s cards here, all about fractals.

Heart Constructions

Follow this instructional video to construct a perfect heart using a compass and pencil, not for the feint hearted!

Choose your words carefully!

Mr Buffington explains why we should beware telling loved ones they’re one in a million.

Check out these made by Counting Coconuts’ Blog, click here to visit.

Decoding a valentine’s message using a simple subtraction exercise, nice settler or quick starter activity. Click here for a printable worksheet.

Wow check out this blog What Teachers Want by a teacher called Rachelle and Natalie, this post has some great valentine maths ideas. Rachelle and Natalie’s blog is jam packed with free printables, not all mathematics activities.

Here you will find the Valentines Math pack, great for key stage 2 pupils.

A Level Loving

TSM have given us the equations to our hearts to create this graph. It is worthwhile having a look at the TSM website here, it’s full of great resources and links to some of the best websites in the world. We are honoured to be part of the list TSM, thank you very much!

Create your own beating heart using matlab, guide here on Walking Randomly’s blog, or check out the demo here. Why not display this on your interactive whiteboard and see who takes an interest.

Valentine’s card

Last but not least a Valentine’s day card that would be loved by any mathematician! Get in touch @numberloving and check out our TES NumberLoving Store for free and premium resources.


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