An eggciting eggstravaganza of eggresources

25 Mar

In the run up to Easter it’s a good idea to have some fun activities up your sleeve, so here are some of NumberLoving’s favourite Easter resources.

All children (and some adults) love a good Easter egg hunt, check out the treasure hunt activities on TES Store to inject a bit of hunting fun into your lessons next week. I have adapted this one on BIDMAS to make it a bit more ‘Eastery’ so get it stuck up around the playground and let the kids loose! (template here if you want it!)

There is also this great Easter themed trail shared by Phrankie on the TES, although it is aimed at KS2 it would be fine for low ability Year 7’s and easily adaptable for others too!

Get your students doing some origami and making these fantastic bunny boxes, they can be folded to fit an egg in the middle and have to be inflated by mouth at the end! A great fun activity for KS3.

Another nice origami activity is this bunny, the instructions are really clear in the video which makes it great to use in class!

If you want something a bit less hands-on then try some of these Easter themed worksheets from Ten Ticks. Another nice worksheet on combinations is this one from, this is easily extendible for higher ability students too.

If you are brave then you might risk making some Easter nests with the students (cooking required!) Give students this recipe for 30 cakes and get them to work out the required quantities for 5, then get them measuring and weighing and prepare for some chaos!

Any other nice Easter activities would be much appreciated so please send them our way! Get in touch @numberloving and check out our free and premium resources in our TES NumberLoving Store.

5 Responses to “An eggciting eggstravaganza of eggresources”

  1. mrtaylormaths March 29, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

    Hi, just discovered this blog the other day and really enjoyed the bits I’ve read so far.

    I made a write-on sheet for the easter egg hunt so that the kids have a starting point and something to follow. Hope it helps someone out.


    • Sharon Derbyshire March 29, 2012 at 5:53 pm #

      Hi Mr Taylor
      Great to see you not only on twitter but in the blogging world. Love the write-on sheet, it definitely is useful!



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