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A lesson off – never!
November 6, 2011

The requests for a ‘fun lesson’ because of Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas,  Easter, … can be like a knife through the heart (aren’t my lessons always fun?) especially if you are a bit of a stick in the mud like me and won’t reduce yourself to calculated colouring! Thanks to this pop up octahedron, problem solved! Pupils have to construct an equilateral triangle then use this as a template to draw the net, once it is cut out they will need you to attach the elastic band. PowerPoint is in my tes resources here:

you may want to jazz it up a bit and definitely have a trial run first to practice attaching the elastic band – not difficult but I would recommend you have a go first.  Then they can decorate their ‘animals’ as they wish, makes a great display if any of them will let you keep it! This is a pop up devil courtesy of one of my year 8’s (although she wants it back on Monday). Already bought brown card for pop up robins at Christmas and yellow card for pop up chicks at Easter! A lesson off – never!



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