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Who are we?

Hello Number Lovers! My name is Sharon Kelly (was Derbyshire) and I started the NumberLoving blog in 2011, it is a place where I share teaching ideas and resources for teaching mathematics. I am a mathematics teacher in Liverpool, England with 17 years of experience across four different secondary schools.

I have had a range of responsibilities during that time; Numeracy Coordinator, Second in Maths, Head of Maths and now I am an Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Mathematics and staff CPD, particularly CPD of those at the start of their career. However, I still remain in the classroom teaching 60% timetable and as such my passion remains for creating resources that engage pupils, so that they may develop a love of Mathematics too.

What is NumberLoving LTD?

NumberLoving has evolved and alongside our blog we now offer a range of free and premium resources which can be downloaded and ready to print and go. The resources we share, both free and premium, have all developed from our own classroom practise. For each resource the questions have been careful thought out with a range of difficulty covered. Where appropriate the resources are differentiated to suit a range of abilities, differing in the level of difficulty as indicated by the colours red, amber and green (green being the hardest).

Our Products

We have organised our products by strand so that you can easily search for the topic you need; i.e. algebra, number, geometry & measure, data & probability. Our products come in a range of different ‘activity types’ such as; Treasure Hunts, Math Art, Mysteries, Fan & Pick Cards, Task Cards and worksheets. Below is a quick summary of each activity type or go straight to our shop here.

Treasure Hunts

One of our most popular type of activities, it is so versatile in how it is used. The classic approach is to pin the question cards around the classroom, students complete the question on the card and then move around the room to find that answer on the next card with the next question. Check out this blog post “Treasure Hunts” for more ideas.

Math Art

Maths art includes a worksheet of questions on a specific topic, pupils answer the questions and use the answers to shade in the grid the desired colour, revealing a picture. Check out this blog post “What is the substitute for love” for a free download example of Math Art.

Fortune Tellers (Cootie Catchers)

This two player activity was a childhood favourite of mine; pupils fold the fortune teller following the instruction card provided and then answer the maths questions and revealing the correct answer on the inside. Challenge the pupils to make their own using the template provided. Ceck out this blog post “Mathematics Fortune Tellers” for more details.


This revision activity provides pupils with a place to review a given topic and then test themselves on it again and again. They are a unique way of making revision notes and are great for recall of formulae and methods. Check out this blog post “Fold it to Download it” for more information.

Fan & Pick Question Cards

These cards support cooperative learning in which pupils ask questions and coach within a group. Each card is differentiated with three levels of difficulty. To add versatility to this product we included two versions one with the answer on the card (cooperative learning) and second without the answers so that the cards may be used as question cards. Check out our blog post “Cooperative Learning” for more information.

Task Cards

Task cards are questions presented on individual cards, this reduces the need for mass photocopying as cards can be shared and offers many options for how the teacher may use them for example carousel or relay race.

Tick or Trash

This worksheet activity shows two ‘people’s’ answers to a set of questions, one person is correct and one person is wrong. Students have to decide who is right ‘tick’ and who is wrong ‘trash’. These are perfect to review a topic and tackle common misconceptions which can be discussed from the wrong answer. Check out our blog post “Tick or Trash” for more information.

Spot the Mistakes

This is a twist on the classic Tarsia jigsaws, students are provided with a worksheet with a completed jigsaw, however some of the answers are wrong. Students must systematically check all the answers and when they identify a mistake they must give the correct answer.

Quiz, quiz, Trade QQT

Taken from Cooperative learning approach, print one set of QQT cards and give each pupil a question card. Moving around to pair up, pupils quiz each other and then (if correct) trade cards and move on. They could also be used as question cards, so another versatile resource. Check out our blog post “Cooperative Learning” for more information.

Relay Race

Also known as dragon races, pupils work in teams to run for a question, answer the question and then pick up the next question. Collecting points for each correct answer in a given time span. Check out our blog post “Anything but more past papers” for ideas how relay races can spice up revision sessions and to download our free interactive score board.


Mystery activities are based on a thinking skills activity. Pupils are presented with a series of clue cards, which they need to organise finding a suitable start point in order to solve the question posed by the cards. Check out our blog post “Mathematical Mysteries” for more information.

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  1. Mr Plume

    I really like your blog ladies, useful stuff I can use. Reminds me to pull my finger out and get on with my own blog which I haven’t updated for months!

    Thank you.

    • numberloving

      Thank you Mr Plume, had a look at your blog, its great and you should definitely keep sharing your wisdom! Thank you for the follow.

  2. Douglas Butler

    Thanks to Craig Barton for pointing me to this great blog!
    Congratulations to Sharon and Laura. Keep it up!

    • numberloving

      Hi Doug
      Great resources on your site too! Thank you for your words of encouragement we are delighted with the success of our blog and website http://www.numberloving.co.uk, thank you so much for mentioning us on your blog too!


    hey miss D could we get a how do you measure up thing in the class and definatly put Jessie J on it

    • Sharon Derbyshire

      Yes, I will update the celebrities. Everyone knows Cheryl Cole is out and Jesse J is in!

      • louise2805

        Hi Sharon,

        I was hoping to put up the heights display in my new classroom… and i am SURE I saw a copy of the actual tape measure on your website, but now i can’t find it anywhere?! Do you have a copy of the one in the pictures Laura put up?

        Thank you so much for all the fabulous resources and ideas! You are my go-to for good, fun resources. 🙂


        • Laura Rees-Hughes

          Hi Louise,

          Sharon does have a copy which I’m sure she will send you if you let us know your email. I have used this one: http://www.vendian.org/mncharity/dir3/paper_rulers/UnstableURL/meterstick_large.pdf since my current school do not have a poster printer which is needed for the other one. It just prints as an A4 page which you can then cut, laminate and stick together with selotape.


  4. barbara labeach

    I would like to know if you have a one off fee, or if one has to buy each resource?

    • Sharon Derbyshire

      Hi Barbara
      I currently have bundles of types of products, this is the best and most cost effective way. Although not all products are part of a bundle.
      Wenare just in the process of determining a one off price or fee or membership which gives access to all existing and new products. I’d welcome your opinion?
      If you could email in to numberloving@outlook.com which products or bundles you’d be most interested in I could make a mega bundle.
      Thank you
      Sharon @numberloving



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