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Bingo Maths is Jack Pot Joy!
March 27, 2012

If you have not adapted the game of bingo to fit in with your curriculum then you are missing out!The concept is basic if pupils have the answer to the sum/problem/question they cross it out. Playing for a house, a line, or all four corners.

There are many resources available, my favourite is an adaptable excel version  like this one Negative Numbers (adapted and shared by Mr Peacock, further resources available on the TES see comment below ). Once you have inputted both questions and answers the excel file will populate the bingo cards and will generate the order of which the questions will be displayed.

The bingo cards generated are four by four and contain 16 answers so it’s not always suitable to play for a full house. Another great use is to provide pupils with a blank copy and ask them to generate the questions and answers. This is great for providing pupils with extra challenge and you have another bingo created and ready to go with another class. A number of great collections are available here and here on the TES resource site. These are all PowerPoint based and pupils select their numbers before the game, therefore no printing needed.

Make it more interesting with big bingo pens and visors! Get in touch @numberloving and check out our free and premium resources in our NumberLoving Store.

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Sharon Derbyshire




    • Sharon Derbyshire

      Thank you Mr Peacock. I have updated the post now, thank you for the link to the bingo files! I will be using!



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