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Is there Space in your Heart? Free Area and Perimeter Problem Love
February 10, 2020

Another quick NumberLoving freebie Maths activity for the week of love, leading up to Valentine’s Day. Definitely suitable for GCSE 9-1 Maths and has plenty of challenge (Pythagoras, multi-step, area of parts of circles, area of sectors and segments).

There are five different hearts and pupils are asked to find the area and perimeter of the heart. The hearts are made up of triangles and two semi-circles or the more challenging heart (heart 5) requires pupils to calculate the area of two identical major circle segments.

GCSE Higher Challenging Valentine Starter Plenary

Take a closer look at worksheet five for the extra challenge, suitable starter or plenary for Higher GCSE students.

Download the full free resource via the link below; this includes five different hearts of varying challenge that can be printed as worksheets (or displayed) and includes the solutions!

Look out for more freebies this week as we share the Number Love!

We would love to hear your Valentine Math ideas! Get in touch via @numberloving or NumberLoving’s Facebook page!

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