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Mathematic Fortune Tellers
April 2, 2012


You may remember these fortune tellers, or cootie catchers as known in the USA, from your youth? In my day we used them to find out what your future held or who you would ‘obviously’ marry!

Well, Number Loving have introduced them into mathematics lessons and they are our new resources which have been added to our online store in a bundle, check it out here.


On the right is an example of a fortune teller which is ready and this one is free to download from our store here. First you will notice the colours, as with all our resources these colours relate to levels of difficulty. Therefore differentiation is present from the start; green is the hardest, amber is medium and red the easiest.




Once printed pupils will need to fold along the grey lines and make to look like the picture above. Instructions on how to fold the fortune teller are included in the resource.

There are plenty of videos like the one below which also show how to fold.

Playing the game

Again we have included instructions for those who have forget how to play. You can also check out this post.

Each purchase includes a blank version, as this is great to ask pupils to create their own to challenge their partners or even their teacher!

Why not make a big fortune teller with the whole class? Use masking tape to tape each square piece of paper together.

Get in touch @numberloving and check out our free and premium resources in our NumberLoving Store.

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