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Maths in the Movies- TV, Movies and beyond
November 9, 2011

You may have read my recent blog, “Music videos – quick lesson hooks” of videos readily available on Youtube, that can help pupils learning and add the fun factor.

To extend upon that blog, in this post I have put together the best websites I have used detailing maths in the movies. Mathbits give a good guide to using maths in movies. Pictures and clips from the pupil’s favourite and well known movies can grasp the pupil’s attention immediately and often creates dialogue around the subject and the basics of social awareness as pupils talk about their interest in movies or tv.

1) Mathematics in the movies

This site has what could be every mathematical reference made in movies and has been collated by the Mathematics Department of Harvard University. Clips are playable through flash or quicktime. Great for KS3 The Full Monty  clip were characters are confused over what 10 times 1000 is. Or the numerolgy in the film Number 23, following the clip ask the pupils if they can make the number 23 with their birth date or mobile phone number.

2) Math and the Movies Part 1

A great website from Mathbits, although the clips are not directlt available, worksheets are provided with a clear description of the clip needed with the mathematical content within the movie.

3) Math and the Movies Part 2

Make sure clips are checked for language and appropriateness for your audience.  I am a big fan of Wall-E and using the beginning of the movie you can ask pupils to think about cubes using the accompanying worksheet.

4) Movies with Morse code

This site involves details of scenes in movies which use morse code. Although the clips are not available here, you may have the movies or youtube may detail some clips. Morse code is great to link with code cracking and logic puzzles.

5) Mathematics goes to the Movies

A great collection  by Polster & Ross, in particular they have a great math clips page with clips and although some of the movies are old everyone likes Wonder Women. More recent movie detailed here is 21 were the tutor discusses the three doors problem, I use this as a lesson hook into probability and chance.

5) Maths Songs collection from Mathedup

Some more great videos to add to the previous movies post.  Say that funky number Math Guy!

6) Mathematical Curiousities

On of my favourites, with lots of mathematical pictures taken from Futurama, ask pupils “where is the maths” or can they help solve benders problems.

8) Simpson’s Mathematics

This website details episodes with mathematical content and has activity worksheets available that link to the episodes, transcripts and photo shots from the episodes.

Hope you find the links useful to create dialogue and engagement within your lessons!

Leave a comment if you have used these or if you have any to add!

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