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November 8, 2020

A quick blog to let our readers know we have been updating some of our old free resources which you may (or not) have noticed were missing since we launched the new site. Check out our Free Resources page regular to keep up to date on all available freebies. Today Averages and Range quick starter worksheet has been updated and uploaded today.


Averages and Range quick starter, really is an average and quick starter on lists of data. We use this as a quick starter settler before moving onto finding the averages and range from frequency tables. Download this quick free resource using the link below or visit our store for both free and premium resources.

Download if for free here: MMMR_Starter_NL_F

Looking for ways for pupils to remember the different methods? Maybe you use the nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle” or you might like this video below “Its not hard (Averages song)” but be warned it is a bit outdated and like me you might not like the line or portrayal of the ‘perfect wife’. A quick youtube search “average song math” brings a lot of results.

If you are moving on to continuous data check out these resources available in our store

Continuous Data White Rose Year 9 Treasure Hunt





Averages from Lists; Tables Revision Foldables




Thank you for reading

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