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Here we will update on the latest resources added to our TES resource store  (also available in our TpT Store) under each relevant section.


Manipulating/Evaluate Expressions

Algebra Review (Fortune Teller)

Operating with Algebraic Fractions (Heat Map)

Algebraic Fractions (Heat Map)

Evaluating Functions Algebraically (Heat Maps)

Evaluating Functions (Tick or Trash)

Expand and Simplify (Spot the Mistake)

Expand Binomials/Quadratics (Spot the Mistake)

Expand Binomials/Quadratics (Heat Map)

Expand Binomial/Quadratics Harder (Heat Map)

Simplifying Expressions (Heat Map)

Simplifying Expression Halloween (Math Art)


Sequences Valentine (Math Art)

Sequences (Fan & Pick)

Sequences (Spot the Mistake)

Sequences Nth Term (Fortune Teller)

Sequences nth Term (Tick or Trash)

Sequences nth Term (Treasure Hunt)

Generating Sequences (Fortune Teller)

Sequences (Dance Mat Maths)

Sequences Christmas Special (Collect a Joke)


Solving Equations (Dance Mat Maths)

Solving Linear Equations Christmas (Math Art)

Solving Equations Halloween (Collect a Joke)

Simultaneous Equations (Collect a Joke) **FREE SAMPLE**

Connect Thoughts Equations Foundation **FREE**

Equations jeopardy[1] **FREE**

Solving Linear Simultaneous Equations (Heat Map)

Solving Quadratic/Linear Simultaneous Equations (Heat Map)

Equation of Tangents to Circle (Question Grid)

Equation of a Line from Two Coordinates (Heat Map)

Composite Functions (Heat Map)

Composite Functions (Learning Grid)

Completing the Square (Tick or Trash)

Rearranging to y=mx+c Easter (Math Art)

Straight Line Graphs (Foldable)

Straight Line Graphs (Prompt Sheet)

Gradient of Straight Line Graphs (Tick or Trash)

Transformation of Graphs (Foldable)

Transformation of Graphs (Prompt Sheet)


Inequalities on a Number Line (Tick or Trash)

Solving Inequalities (Tick or Trash)



Adding Fractions Easter (Collect a Joke)

Adding Fractions (Heat Map)

Fractions of Amounts (Collect a Joke)

Fractions of Amounts (Fan and Pick)

Fractions of Amounts (Spot the Mistake)

Fractions of Amounts Christmas (Math Art)


BIDMAS (Dance Mat Maths)

BIDMAS (Fortune Teller)

BIDMAS Halloween (Math Art)

Bidmas-bells-twinkle-twinkle **FREE**


Comparing Fractions, decimals, Percentages (Tick or Trash)

Express an amount as a Percentage (Fortune Teller)

Percentage Change (Fan and Pick)

Percentage of Amounts (Dance Mat Maths)

Percentage of Amounts (Fan & Pick)

Percentage of Amounts Christmas (Math Art)

Number Properties/Skills

Product of Primes, HCF, LCM (Fan & Pick)

Factors and Multiples (Fortune Teller)

Long Multiplication (Fortune Teller)

Written Methods of Multiplication (Heat Map)

Written Methods of Division (Heat Map)

Number Properties (Fortune Teller)

Properties of Numbers (Learning Grid)

Number Skills (Fan and Pick)


Reciprocal (Tick or Trash)

Rationalise the Denominator (Tick or Trash)**FREE**

Roundng to sig. fig. (Quiz quiz trade)**FREE**

Rounding (Fan & Pick)

Rounding to nearest 10, 100, 1000 (Treasure Hunt)

Simplifying Surds (Collect a Joke)**FREE**

Product of Binomial Surds (Heat Map)

Indices (Dance Mat Maths)

Indices (Fortune Teller)

Standard Index Form (Collect a Joke)**FREE**

Standard Form (Spot the Mistake)

Standard Index Form (Fan & Pick)


9-1 Bills, statements Starter (Quick Fire Questions**FREE STARTER**

9-1 Bills, statements, pay (Task Cards)

Pi Day (Relay Race)

9-1 Efficient Calculator Use (Treasure Hunt)

9-1 Efficient Calculator Use (Worksheets)

Ratio & Proportion

Ratio (Fan & Pick)

Ratio of Amounts Halloween (Mystery)

Ratio of Amounts (Tick or Trash)

Simplifying Ratio (Quiz quiz trade)**FREE**

Welcome to the fun fair!! **FREE**

Price List Witches brew **FREE**

Witches brew Recipe Sheet **FREE**

Creepy cocktails **FREE**

Cocktail Lesson Worksheet **FREE**

Cocktail Lesson 2 **FREE**

Shape & Space


Area of Basic Shapes (Prompt Sheets)

Area of 2D Shapes (Foldable)


Angles in Polygons (Foldable)

Calculating Angles Easter (Math Art)

Calculating Missing Angles (Dance Mat Maths)

Circle Theorem (Foldable)

Circle Theorem (Prompt Sheets)


Column Vectors (Heat Map)

Vectors (Treasure Hunt) **FREE**

Vectors (Tick or Trash)


Using scales, maps (Treasure Hunt)

Constructions (Prompt Sheet)


Transformations (Prompt Sheet)

Describing Transformations (Foldable)

Golden Ratio Face **FREE**

Famous Face Reflections **FREE**

Translation (Mystery)

Translation Mystery Starter (Quick Fire Questions)**FREE**

Geogebra Transformations tutorial **FREE**

Distance Between Two Coordinates 1 (Heat Map)

Distance Between Two Coodinates 2 (Heat Map)

Drawing Circles (Mystery)

Parts of Circle (Foldable)

Clinometer (make) **FREE**

Exact Trig Values (Foldable)

Finding the midpoint (Heat Map)

Functions (Foldable)

Coordinate Code (Collect a Joke)

Coordinates Mystery **FREE**

Properties of 2D Shape (Learning Grid)

Properties of 2D Shape (Prompt Sheet)

Properties of 3D Shape (Learning Grid)

Volume of 3D Shapes (Prompt Sheet)

Sign Post Project Distances (PPT) **FREE**


Averages Easter (Math Art)

Averages and Range (Learning Grid)

Comparing Data (Tick or Trash)

Averages (Fortune Teller) **FREE SAMPLE**

Instant Pie Chart Template **FREE**

Probability Project (PPT) **FREE**

Student voice speed date **FREE**

Tallychart collection **FREE**

Stem and Leaf (Treasure Hunt)

Continuous Data (Treasure Hunt)

9-1 Systematic Listing (Treasure Hunt)

Core 1

Core 1 Arithmetic Sequences (Foldable)

Core 1 Arithmetic Sequences (Spot the Mistake)

Coordinate Geometry (Foldable)


Blank Fortune Teller Template


9-1 GCSE Number Display **FREE**

Door Display **FREE**

Exam Command Words Display**FREE**

Exam Countdown Display**FREE**


4 pictures 1 word

Department CPD

CPD How do you Teach Yours **FREE**

Teach for Understanding **FREE**

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