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Area is the amount of space inside a shape and pupils need to be able to calculate this. This resource covers the topic of area of different 2D shapes including circles. There are four revision foldables, each foldable requires students to recall the formula for the area of different 2D shapes and in some foldables apply these to find the area. Once complete these can be used to refer to during practice or pupils can ask someone to test them when completing revision.

The four foldables are;
Area of 2D Shapes 1: pupils recall the formula for basic 2D shapes (rectangle, triangle, parallelogram, trapezium and compound L-shape).

Area of 2D Shapes 2: Pupils recall and use the formula to find the areas of basic 2D shapes.
Area of Circles 1: Pupils recall the formula for the area of a circle, common fractions of a circle, sector area and shaded area of two concentric circles (donut).
Area of Circles 2: Pupils recall and use the formula to find the areas of different circles, fractions of circles and donut.

This download includes two pdfs; an A4 (UK) size and a letter (US) size, please print from the relevant pdf. Foldables can be used as a revision or summary exercise at the end of a topic. As the answers are hidden pupils can use these to ‘test’ themselves or ask someone else such as a parent to test them.

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