Forming Expression For Area Worksheet


Use this worksheet to practise forming expressions for the area of 2D shapes. See full details for more information.


This is a differentiated worksheet, differentiated by colour (you may wish to print in colour to make this clear to pupils.) There are two versions; the first is a one-page worksheet (p.4) with just questions for pupils to complete in their own books (and you can keep the worksheet to reuse) or the second version (p.5-6) is a printable write on version for pupils to work directly on.

The different levels of difficulties are;

  • Red; this involves finding the area of rectangles and triangles by multiplying two brackets to form a quadratic
  • Amber; This involves finding the area of composite shapes again by multiplying brackets and then finding the total area. The final question requires the ability to find the area of a circle.
  • Green; This involves finding the area of composite shapes by multiplying brackets with surds

Killer question: This involves finding the area of a trapezium where the pupils need to form expressions for the length of sides from the written description.

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