Indices & Surds Revision Foldable


Review and learn the laws of indices exponents) and surds (radicals) with this set of four revision foldables. Print on coloured card so this key information stands out for pupils.

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This resource covers the topics of laws of indices (exponents) & surds (radicals). There are four revision foldables, each foldable requires students to state the law involved. The four foldables are;

  • Basic Laws of Indices; pupils state the laws for multiplying, dividing, powers, and power of 0.
  • Negative & Fractional Laws of Indices ; state the results of negative and fractional indices, and combined in terms of a and y
  • Laws of Surds ; state the laws of surds for multiplying, dividing, factorising and squaring.
  • Rationalising the denominator; simple denominator and conjugate pair, one of each in terms of a, b and c and second in numbers as examples.

Foldables can be used as a revision or summary exercise at the end of a topic and also make an excellent revision resource. As the answers are hidden pupils can use these to ‘test’ themselves or ask someone else such as a parent to test them.

All our resources come complete with instructions, solutions where appropriate and ideas to stretch and support pupils. Check out for more ideas and resources like this. We hope you enjoy using this resource with your students, we would love to hear how it went, please leave a review. Get in touch via the links below.

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