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The sequences questions here cover finding the next term, the nth term, generating a sequence and deciding if a term is in the sequence; including linear, quadratic and Fibonacci sequences. This download includes two sets, one set of question cards in the traditional fan and pick style (i.e. answer on the question cards) and a second version of the question cards with the answer removed. Therefore giving more flexibility for how you might use them with your students. Each Fan and Pick set has a set of 12 question cards, each card has three questions differentiated by hotness.

Fan and Pick activity promotes cooperative learning (Kagan strategy), by creating situations for discussions around finding the correct answer and not just what the answer is. They can be used as a plenary activity to determine what learning has taken place, used to determine pupils prior knowledge to a topic and of course great for revision.

If you’ve enjoyed this resource you should check out the Fan and Pick Bundle! Please note this resource is also available as part of that bundle.

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