Solving Inequalities Tick or Trash


Students will solve inequalities to see who has the correct answer (tick) and who has it wrong (trash). There ae four worksheets to choose from covering solving one-step, two-step and compound inequalities.


This resource covers the topic of solving inequalities. Tick or trash will test your students’ ability to spot mistakes and develop their understanding of the topic. Pupils are given two different answers to a question and have to determine which is correct. They then have to explain what misconception has led to the incorrect answer.

There are four different worksheets (A-D) each of differing difficulties, so pupils can be given progressive sheets, or one used on learning, one on review, alternatively pupils are given the worksheet most appropriate to their ability.

The four worksheets cover the following;
Worksheet A; This worksheet involves 10 questions on solving one step linear inequalities
Worksheet B; This worksheet involves 10 questions on solving two step linear inequalities.
Worksheet C; This worksheet involves 10 questions on solving compound (double) linear inequalities.
Worksheet D; This worksheet has 10 questions which cover all the above style questions covered in worksheet A, B and C.

Solutions are provided along with an additional activity in which pupils are asked to represent the correct answer on a number line.
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