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Speed Dating with Data Collection
January 19, 2012

Another great idea I got from Leanne Robson, a speaker at the SSAT Achievement show in London. Don’t forget NumberLoving authors (myself and Laura) will be presenting at the North West Innovation Show, sister show to the Achievement show.

Data collection has never been so fun! Taking the element of speed dating, but with the purpose of collecting data not finding a match! You can collect data on a theme, about your pupils, a nice ice breaker or even conduct your pupil voice survey this way.

Set Up

Ideally the room will be set up as a circle of desks, with a chair either side, or circles of pairs of facing chairs in the middle of the room. Depending on the group (and your photocopying situation) you may wish to print tally tables ready for each pupil. In addition you may wish to set the questions, or give more freedom for pupils to collect a question of their choice.


Here are some tally tables ready for printing;

For general data collection (this resource has had a recent update Nov 2020); Tally ChartSpeed Date Collection_NL_Free download

For conducting pupil voice survey; Student voice speed date

Mood Setting

It wouldn’t be speed data collection without the right atmosphere, here is one of my favourites;


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