Catchphrase Maths Starters & Plenary

I remember this classic game from my child hood and I was delighted when my colleague found this on the TES resource site, using catchphrase as a tool for starters, plenary or class activities.

Since then we have created multiple version of this, which can be found on here on the TES.

The picture to the left is of the fractions of amounts catchphrase created by Number Loving author Laura. This can be downloaded from here. As pupils correctly work out the answer, click on that square to reveal part of the picture, as seen on the right. The first team to correctly “say what they see” or spot what Mr Chips is up to are the winners.

These are easily adaptable for the topic and the picture or catchphrase behind can be easily changed. This website is good for ding bat type pictures, like the one of the left. Can you make out the saying?

Another idea by taylora1 seen on the TES here is renaming is as “name the BLANK”. Instead of using the Mr Chips pictures take a picture from a movie or TV show, pupils have to guess the movie.

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