Too late to blog?

Is it too late to blog? Has blogging lost its cool? Am I year’s behind everyone else? Yes maybe but does that mean it’s too late to start?

Can I blog a blogger? Is that cool?

So I have recently caught onto the existence of blogs about teaching.

Yes it is embarrassing to admit that the thought hadn’t entered my mind until a colleague discovered Colleen Young’s blog Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0 about Midd Spots. Wow, a whole new world appeared. Soon after I discovered Larry Ferlazzo’s blog Websites of the Day, and the rest is history!

No it’s not too late, of course not. Does it matter if its cool? No. Am I year’s behind? Yes some but no it’s not too late to start. After all I wouldn’t be a teacher if I answered any differently.

Thank you to those bloggers, Colleen and Larry who have been an inspiration and brought sparkle to my teaching.

Now I hope to spread the word and share good practice. Wish me luck!