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Pi Day Resources

9 Mar

It is nearly Pi Day, March 14th (3.14), so to celebrate try some of our resources from the seasonal Pi Day bundle. This bundle consists of three resources described below.


Pi Day Relay Race

pi relay raceA set of 16 relay race questions suitable for able KS4 pupils. The questions are progressively difficult, starting with the basics (see picture) to solving problems involving area, circumference or volume.

Print one set of questions for each group on different colours. Each group has a team captain, they retrieve the question from the front , taking it to the team to answer. Once they are confident they’ve got it correct they return it for marking. If correct they get 10 points and the next question. If they are wrong they can have a second attempt for 9 points.

Pi Day Collect a Joke

The pupils must calculate progressively difficult fractions of amounts (suitable for KS3 pupils), each answer gives a letter spelling out the punchline to the Pi Day joke. This resources includes ‘red herrings’ for quick self and teacher assessment. This resource is free to download as part of try before you buy!

Pi Day Mystery

Pupils are challenged to use the clues to plot all five circles and find the point of intersection. They will need to use and inverse the formulas for the area and circumference of a circle, as well as some Pythagoras’ Theorem.

Each resource includes instructions, ideas for support/extension and solutions.

All three are available in our Pi Day bundle, check it out here.

Check out this blog “Plan a Pi Day Party” by Gary Hopkins for Educational world for more great ideas and resources to celebrate Pi Day.

Our Top Ten Downloaded Resources

26 Oct

So here they are our readers favourite resources free to download from http://www.numberloving.co.uk

1) Adding Fractions Mystery; Thinking skills activity, pupils use the clues to solve the mystery.

2) Missing Angles Treasure Hunt; Place the cards around the room, pupils move around completing questions.

3) Measuring Angles Treasure Hunt Another differentiated resource from numberloving.

4) Collect a Joke Factorising; Differentiated into two levels pupils are spurred on to complete the work and are rewarded with a great joke!

5) Algebra- Spot the mistake; simple but effective quick starter

6) BIDMAS Collect a Joke; Differentiated into two levels pupils use BIDMAS to collect the joke and laugh!

7) Area and Perimeter Mystery;Use the clues to maximise the area to solve the mystery

8) Adding and Comparing Fractions Top Trumps Celebs; Top trumps great game to play for a plenary or revision.

9) Olympic Mysteries; Olympic themed mysteries using the clues to solve one of the four mysteries.

10) Angles Musical Statues; Estimating angles and play your favourite tunes has to be a winner

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