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Easter Mathematical Treasure Trove

22 Mar

easter-collect-a-joke-previewAnother Easter resource we would like to share!

This collect a joke resource requires pupils to perform increasingly difficult addition and subtraction of fractions. Watch out for the red herrings! Download it from here!

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An Eggciting Eggstravanganza of Resources

From practicing proportion with an Easter cake recipe to making origami rabbits, lots of ideas here to try.

A Lesson Off Never

In this blog we show you how to make pop shapes, use yellow card to make pop up chicks.

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Our Top Ten Downloaded Resources

26 Oct

So here they are our readers favourite resources free to download from http://www.numberloving.co.uk

1) Adding Fractions Mystery; Thinking skills activity, pupils use the clues to solve the mystery.

2) Missing Angles Treasure Hunt; Place the cards around the room, pupils move around completing questions.

3) Measuring Angles Treasure Hunt Another differentiated resource from numberloving.

4) Collect a Joke Factorising; Differentiated into two levels pupils are spurred on to complete the work and are rewarded with a great joke!

5) Algebra- Spot the mistake; simple but effective quick starter

6) BIDMAS Collect a Joke; Differentiated into two levels pupils use BIDMAS to collect the joke and laugh!

7) Area and Perimeter Mystery;Use the clues to maximise the area to solve the mystery

8) Adding and Comparing Fractions Top Trumps Celebs; Top trumps great game to play for a plenary or revision.

9) Olympic Mysteries; Olympic themed mysteries using the clues to solve one of the four mysteries.

10) Angles Musical Statues; Estimating angles and play your favourite tunes has to be a winner

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