Grade C Intervention Evening- Including Exam Analysis

***New UK accountability measures means much of the information here is out of date, however resources can still be useful to most***

Schools are measured on the percentage of pupils gaining a grade C and above in 5 GCSE’s including English and Maths. Its important to note here that the other subjects that can be included in the 5 has changed see this previous post Modular Exams RIP for further details. 

We work hard for all our pupils not just those Grade C borderline students, we certainly try to “pull from the top, not the belt” (Laura Rees-Hughes’ quote). This “The Grade C Intervention Evening” is one of the strategies introduced by our Lead Intervention teacher Mrs Doyle , and we used it for those pupils that were borderline pupils. All resources are collated at the end of the post for those in a hurry.


Pupils were invited based on early entry results i.e. those that gained a grade D. In addition to those pupils professional dialogue was held with teachers to ascertain any other pupils who may not have gotten a D but still should be targeting a grade C and above or had the ability to gain a grade C.


Letters were sent to parents by post (during the evening email addresses were collected in a simple sign in sheet). We collected emails in order to keep parents informed, we are hoping to build upon this form of communication with parents. In addition text messages were sent to both parents and pupils, allowing parents to set reminders on their phones. As well as include parents in the TenMarks updates.


In preparation we used EdExcel Results plus to download question by question analysis for the entire cohort. The analysis can be downloaded pupil by pupil but we found it much easier and quicker to download the whole cohort. Once downloaded as an excel file. You will find the analysis refers to questions by number, so we insert an extra column and describe (in pupil friendly language) what that question was about. We then colour code the cell depending on what strand eg. Pink= data handling. Using clever conditional formatting the marks gained by pupils per question is coloured either red, amber or green (green being they gained full marks). An example is here Example Exam Analysis (names of pupils omitted). Then hiding the other pupils we are able to print off a pupil friendly exam analysis which is both visual and informative.

AQA have a similar called Enhanced Results Analysis. Definitely worth checking it out with your exam board.


Our lead intervention teacher gives a brief presentation with keydates, revision and intervention opportunities available and gives guidance to to the web pages built and detailed in the revision Booklet which is printed and provided along with pupil analysis. Pupils and their parents/carers are then invited to take part in some mini lessons on key topics. We choose long multiplication as often parents are unfamiliar with the new techniques taught and Pythagoras’ theorem.

Here are the teaching resources we use for those two mini lessons.  Long Multiplication Grade C EveningMini Lessons Materials


Depending on your school budget you maybe able to provide students with a copy of the Foundation Mathwatch disks which can be purchased here. Alternatively, CGP have launched a similar product which is (in number loving’s opinion) superior to Mathswatch, there are lots of worked exam questions and you can request a free sample here so see what you think (more to follow on this and some other exciting new bits and pieces from CGP). If your budget won’t stretch to that you can just order them in to sell on the evening, along with equipment such as a compass and calculator!


Theses revision sites work better in Google Chrome and are linked within the booklet above.
Algebra Revision site, data handling revision site, number revision site, shape/space revision site, past paper site

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Example Exam Analysis

Useful Websites for revision

Long Multiplication Grade C Evening

Mini Lessons Materials

If you try any of these resources or you hold a similar event at your school we would love to hear from you! @numberloving