Teaching Loci

I use these ‘free’ paper rulers from that famous furniture store we know to teach shape and space, in particular loci.
There are many ways you can structure the lesson using the rulers. Here is a brief description of how I have used them when teaching loci.
Having cleared a space in the middle of the classroom, pupils are given a paper ruler and told they need to position themselves with the following rules. For example “You must be 2m away from the wall with the windows” or “You must be 3m away from the chair in the middle of the room”. In addition, pupils can position them selves around a line (I use a broom handle) to produce the race track shape. Or given multiple rules around the room. For example must be at least 3m away from the chair in the middle but 2m from the back wall. Positions were pupils are stood can be drawn on with chalk or just discussed as a group.

If you have limited space pupils can be asked to place a counter, or some marker (do you have enough teddy bears? I managed to get enough together and created a teddy bears picnic with one class!).

Great way to introduce the topic, or as a hands on plenary.

Good luck and let me know if you give it a try!