Nets to catch Angry Birds

Angry birds is a popular iPhone game, which you can play online here. Big thanks and recognition to @mrprcollins for blogging about these Angry Bird nets on his blog. We like them so much that we felt we should give them a mention too, please check out Mr Collins blog for great ideas and take a look at his Angry Surds display work.

Possible uses So we have used these nets to look at surface area and volume calculator work. As you can see to the right is a picture of work completed by my colleagues’ @emmaemma53 top year 8 pupils! Many of the pupils wanted to take their’s home with them. These can also be used to look at faces, vertices and some basic 3D shape properties at key stage 3. Below is a picture of work completed

Resources These have been downloaded by Mr Collins from The Little Plastic Man an excellent site and well worth a look.

Black Bird

Blue Bird

King Pig

Old Pig


Red Bird

White Bird

Yellow Bird

If you use these please give @numberloving @mrprcollins a mention on twitter and leave us a picture. We’d love to see the resources in action! Thanks again to Mr Collins! Get in touch @numberloving and visit our NumberLoving store for free and premium resources