Maths Teacher Hack #1 Protractors


Just a quick post to share a Maths Teacher hack for protractors!

Lots of pupils don’t own protractors and so very often I found setting homework that included angles particularly GCSE Maths exam papers that most often include bearings/pie chart to be completed at home difficult. So our hack is to print or photocopy protractors on to tracing paper or if you have it hidden in the depth of the stock cupboard, print onto OHP (Overhead projector transparencies)!

Printed protractors on tracing paper

Download this page of A4 protractors ready to print.

You will need A4 tracing paper and patience with your photocopier, even better ask your reprographics department to do it. Warning when photocopying onto tracing paper the photocopier might not like it too much and chew up some of the pages, it’s best to feed one page at a time. Even better if you have any OHP (Overhead projector) transparencies, print onto these.

Once printed you can then give each pupil a tracing paper protractor to use at home without breaking the budget.

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Thank you for reading, NumberLoving Sharon