BP Trading Game- Enterprise/STEM/Maths

The BP Trading Game is a great resource which following registration (here) can be freely downloaded but I have attached to the end of this blog to save our readers some time. The game allows pupils to experience the trade floor in this trading competitive game. The pupils will work as a team, taking on roles such as chair, accountant.

There are two levels, entry level and standard game. The resources include both instructions for teachers and students, sections of which can be photocopied. It isn’t necessary to photocopy the whole of the pupil packs, just the trading papers for both the practise and trading rounds. In addition instead of printing the meeting notes, these can be easily added into the Power Point to feed the group discussion.

Make sure you have an interactive whiteboard to display the latest update in trading prices and news for each round, in addition a separate laptop will be needed with the excel file to record each groups decision whether to buy or sell. You may allow pupils access to a calculator or give extra time for each trading round to allow pupils to complete the necessary calculations.

A great game suitable for year 9, 10 and 11 pupils, ideal for whole school events when enterprise, thinking skills, STEM or PLTS skills need to be evidenced.

To save you some time here are the resources for the entry level BP trading game.

introductory_presentation, entry_level_teachers_notes, entry_level_traders_pack, news_bulletins_set1, news_bulletins_set2, news_bulletins_set3, entry_level_master_results_spreadsheet

You will need to register to play the introductory video and to download the standard game.

We enjoyed the game so much and wanted to make it more accessible to younger students so my Number Loving co-author Miss Rees-Hughes adapted the trading sheets and account records.

BP Trading Form, BP Trading Form Example, BP Financial record

Please leave your comments, or recommendations of how you adapted the game to be suitable for your classes. Get in touch @numberloving