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Number Loving Loves…

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day is the time to acknowledge those things you love and couldn’t live (or teach) without, so here are my top ten teaching crushes…

1) @taylorda01 and his blog to infinity and beyond

2) @mrbartonmaths and his fabulous website mrbartonmaths.com do follow him on twitter as every day he recommends a brilliant resource of the day (ROTD – wonder where he thought up that acronym(!))

3) @mrprcollins and his really interesting blog reflective journal 

4) @ColleenYoung and her amazing blog mathematics learning and web 2.0

5) William Emeny’s blog great maths teaching ideas

6) @riley_ed and his blog new tech timeline, check out his most recent post about manga high

7) @mrbuckton4maths and his YouTube channel past paper solutions, also check out his tes page for over 1,000 quality resources

8) @reflectivemaths aka Dave Gale and his blog reflective maths teacher

9) @Mr_BRouse and his blog Ben Rouse has some really interesting thoughts and resources for use of technology in the classroom

10) Time for some shameless self promotion, @laurareeshughes and @numberloving, follow us for updates on the blog and news on the new resource site which will be up and running next month!

If you are not signed up to twitter then I would really recommend it, it is a great forum to find new ideas and inspirational teachers to follow. Tips for beginners here.

Get in touch @numberloving and check out our free and premium resources in our TES NumberLoving Store.

Battle of the Maths DVD-ROMS

17 Jan

I have always understood the appeal of Maths Watch, it is great for giving to students as an alternative to revision notes and guides. But I have always felt it was a bit rough around the edges. So when I saw the emergence of a CGP alternative MathsTutor I was first in line for a demo.

CGP MathsTutor is similar to Maths watch in that it contains mini video tutorials on each topic. However the tutorials are far more polished than their Maths Watch alternatives. There are a range of interesting graphics which keep you engaged and the explanations are that bit better thought through. In addition to the tutorials there is a worked exam question for each topic, this is really clearly explained and completed by an actual hand which I love. I know this may sound odd but I find it helps students to see problems completed by hand rather than animated or on-screen like in Maths Watch. There are the usual options of ‘higher’ or ‘foundation’ but there is also a ‘basics’ version which is great for very low ability, or to suggest to students at the end of year 9 to get them up to speed quickly for starting year 10.

All in all in the battle of the DVD-ROMS I feel that MathsTutor is the clear victor, you get a lot more for your £3.

More top technology based revision aids for your students:

www.edmodo.co.uk – set up a class and post all of your revision materials on here for students to download, you can also set a poll or quiz for them to complete to get feedback. They can also start discussions and ask you questions. Great!

Mr Buckton’s fantastic youtube channel with excellent video solutions to every past paper question you can imagine– direct your students here for extra support and yourself when you fancy getting someone else to do all the talking! Thank you to Mr Buckton to producing all these, amazing!

Mr Barton has a great section on his website which is devoted to revision notes for students, they are really pupil friendly and another great resource to send your students to.

Please remember numberloving do not endorse any products we simply express our own opinions and recommend things we like. Get in touch @numberloving and visit our TES NumberLoving store for free and premium resources

Mobile Phones – Friend not foe

13 Nov

Granted, the presence of mobile phones can be a problem in many classrooms, but  the fact that every student has such a powerful piece of equipment in their pocket should be overlooked at your peril!

The app store is a maths teachers dream with all sorts of fantastic little resources such as compasses for when you teach bearings, reaction time testers for ordering decimals and revision quizzes for KS4. Go on and have a look, you will be inspired.

Amongst all the apps one of the greatest has to be the QR code scanner. You see these little codes popping up all over the place. You scan the code using the app and could be sent some text, a picture, or you may be directed to a webpage.

One of the best generators can be found here . It’s free to use, so you just select what you want to happen when it is scanned and hey presto you’ve got a QR code, the colours can be changed too which is a nice touch.  So, how can these be used in the classroom? Well the presentation beneath should answer that question!

Get onto Prezi.com! Present & Collaborate

6 Nov

If you haven’t yet got onto Prezi.com “The zooming presentation tool”, you simply must. Presenting using Prezi is a great way of wooing your colleagues and impressing pupils, and the more recent developments with this free software means it is even more fabulous and your presentation really will sparkle.

Have a look at my latest Prezi, used to deliver inset to Science staff about the differences between graphs in Mathematics and Science. Feedback welcome on this, as huge discussions took place around both terminology and the use of a line of best fit v fitting a curve or joining the dots.

Prezi is free online software, it is fairly intuitive software which you and your pupils can explore as you learn. Videos and photos can be uploaded and embedded into the presentation, a path is then made to link each element into a smooth presentation. In addition to the fact that more than one person can be editing, or viewing each Prezi at anyone time, presentations can now be made online.

The possibilities are endless! Definitely worth a trial, if you find this is useful please leave your comments and share the sparkle. Get in touch @numberloving

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